Nothing External Can Fulfil Us

Nothing External Can Fulfil Us

Date: 23/02/2022

I start my somatic movement sessions by asking my clients to shift their attention inward, from the external world to their own internal world, focusing on the inside of their body.

I ask them to relax & sense in, starting at the feet bringing conscious awareness to each part of their body, the space it takes up, sensing left to right, moving slowly to the top of the head, the muscles in their face.

People often have very powerful experiences from this part of the session alone.

In a world full of distraction where distracting us from ourselves seems to be the main aim of the game, taking a moment to relax & connect within can seem unusual or feel like a luxury.

Advertising, social media, celebrity - if you have this, go there & look like this you will be happy.

When everything we need is already inside of us.

We often look for fulfilment in material possessions, a busy social calendar, our next holiday.. searching for freedom or love in the outer world.

But if you think about it, its never actually the 'thing' or 'experience' we are looking for, it's the 'feeling' associated with it.

We need to remember we can create those feelings from within.

The outer world will never be able to satisfy our needs, we end up jumping from one plan or adventure to the next feeling empty in between.

You want real freedom?? Clean up your internal world.. heal your wounds.. go to therapy & learn about yourself on a deeper level, bring your unconscious programming into the conscious, we all have it.. allow your deep truths to come thro, you will break your own cycles & give the gift of healing to the next generation.

Try yoga somatics breathwork - these practises are extremely healing.

Seek out your own inner wisdom.

Learn to balance your own energy.

You will feel the FREEDOM vibrating from within you.

We don't need to rely on anything external, some false projection of the future, a plan, or a random object.

What we need is already inside of us, if only we give ourselves the space & time to slow down & connect with our own Source Energy.

That is where real Freedom lies.