We Calm to Heal

We Calm to Heal

Dated 20/07/2022

We Calm to Heal

When overcoming trauma we need rest, rest and more rest

Trauma isn’t what happens to us, it is our body’s response to what happens to us

Our brain is very clever and when we experience overwhelm and things we cannot comprehend the body and mind shuts down to protect us

Now more than ever it is essential that we learn to rest our nervous systems

Not only to manage traumatic stress and core self-exhaustion, but to deepen our relationship with the earth, our hearts, and to reconnect with the sacredness of what it means to be a human being at this moment in time

Repressed emotions wreak havoc with our nervous system

Not telling the truth about a negative feeling has been proven to heighten anxiety and increase the risk of dis–ease

Contrary to popular opinion, we can’t think ourselves into a better situation by ignoring the way we feel

Spiritual bypassing & toxic positivity are rife and the ‘It’s all about mindset’ mentality can be dangerous

We must give our emotions space, deep healing requires time and quite often professional guidance ~ we cannot rush this process

Somatics is a wonderful, nurturing practise and way of life that guides us home to ourselves

This slow movement awareness practise enacts the parasympathetic nervous system promoting rest & repair

Something wonderful happens when we learn to slow down

We start to see life differently, living out of intention instead of reaction

Our relationships improve, our breathing improves, we go out into the world with more loving presence

We stop rushing to the future, instead we have a deeper connection with the present moment

We become magnetically drawn to those who are in alignment with our soul’s divine purpose

This beautiful healing modality has over time helped me to dissolve my severe dissociation that started in early childhood

After being diagnosed with complex PTSD and hypervigilance it has helped me to create calm and stillness in my life

Somatics has given me and so many of my clients the gift of Calm

This isn’t just a movement awareness practise

Somatics is its own movement

An act of rebellion

Helping to raise the vibration of the planet and the conscious collective

In a world that wants to keep us busy and distracted

Somatic Movement Education is gentle and relaxing and brings us home to ourselves, home to our heart, enabling us to feel more aligned with our own source energy

There is no greater healer than thyself, and by healing ourselves we help to heal everything and everyone around us

If you would like more calm and inner peace in your life or you would like to learn more about releasing chronic stress, injury or pain from your body please contact me to arrange a free consultation 💚