Our Amazing Soma


Did You Know That..

80% of our Emotions come from our Body

20% of our Emotions come from our Mind

I was shocked when I first found out this ratio

In Somatics our term for the Body is Soma

Soma meaning body in its full aliveness ✨

A living, breathing, ever e…

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Grief and growing through the darkness


What a painful and beautifully transformational month August has been.

So many insights, releasing confusion and doubt about what once was and what is now, feeling solid on my path.

It’s so true that we must breakdown to breakthrough – sometimes over …

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We Calm to Heal

Dated 20/07/2022

We Calm to Heal

When overcoming trauma we need rest, rest and more rest

Trauma isn’t what happens to us, it is our body’s response to what happens to us

Our brain is very clever and when we experience overwhelm and things we cannot comprehend the bod…

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Finding My Voice

Date: 29/05/2022

Me & Tallulah on Retreat last year where I finally found my voice to get up & teach a Somatics Movement Class to a room full of people for the first time ever.

It was strange for me to read various testimonials of people saying they felt relaxed a…

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Nothing External Can Fulfil Us

Date: 23/02/2022

I start my somatic movement sessions by asking my clients to shift their attention inward, from the external world to their own internal world, focusing on the inside of their body.

I ask them to relax & sense in, starting at the feet bringing co…

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Keep Moving: How Somatic Practice Can Help People With Chronic Pain Live Well

Date: 25/04/2022

Many people reading this will know too well that engaging in physical activity can be a daunting experience for people living with chronic pain, and yet it is something that is frequently prescribed by healthcare professionals, whether in the fo…

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How Trauma in our Childhood can create Pain in our Adult Life

Date: 25/04/2022

“Wisdom is merely the movement from fighting life to embracing it.” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Three years ago, I fell into the blind spot of medicine: America’s unknown epidemic. After numerous tests, scans, scopes, and too many doctors to count, mod…

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