Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

Date: 29/05/2022

Me & Tallulah on Retreat last year where I finally found my voice to get up & teach a Somatics Movement Class to a room full of people for the first time ever.

It was strange for me to read various testimonials of people saying they felt relaxed around my calming nature & voice, when I was so scared to use it for so long.

The thought of getting up in front of a room full of people absolutely terrified me and held me back for years.

Quite often we are seen as confident when we're not.. or we have spent years hiding behind a façade & /or alcohol.

Being around a loving supportive network of people on these breathwork retreats really helped me, being gently encouraged to simply find my voice and step into my own.

Healing comes from being able to share our story in a safe space, by feeling seen and herd - not being meet with anger or hostility towards our very normal emotions.

Being made to feel guilty or ashamed of our feelings when we express them can play havoc with our throat chakra.

It's important to find our tribe, who allow us to express ourselves.

I also had to remind myself it wasn't about me.

The people there were going to really benefit from what I had to offer.

Once I taught the class I felt like a weight had been lifted.

I enjoyed it!!!

We all have unique gifts & we must share them with the world, now more than ever.

I love teaching Somatic Movement Lessons in person or on zoom now, as well as the one on one in person clinical sessions.

I will be forever grateful to my time working on the Clear Create Connect Breathwork retreats.

I wasn't the only person to say that it was the first time I had felt complete support with no judgement.

That changes everything.