Our Amazing Soma

Our Amazing Soma


Did You Know That..

80% of our Emotions come from our Body

20% of our Emotions come from our Mind

I was shocked when I first found out this ratio

In Somatics our term for the Body is Soma

Soma meaning body in its full aliveness ✨

A living, breathing, ever evolving miracle that is so much more that just skin & bone with innate Wisdom & the capacity to heal 💗

When we experience trauma, it can get trapped in our body even when our mind doesn't remember, which can then manifest as pain in turn effecting our mental health, when our mental health declines it effects our behaviours & body ~ it is all one but we can get caught in a trap of repeated negativity if this stays stagnant & suppressed

Somatics Empowers you to release chronic pain, stress, tension & trauma from your Soma helping you to reprogram your Nervous System, promoting rest & repair as so many of us are stuck in fight or flight in these current times

We should all be living in rest and repair (parasympathetic nervous system) 80% of the time & fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) 20% of the time like our ancestors who went into fight or flight to hunt food or protect their home

These days we don't need to do those things really, but this ratio has switched around to most of us being stuck in fight or flight 80% of the time heightening the risk of dis-ease

We all need to C A L M D O W N but live in a world that doesn't want us to

(stop watching the news! 😉)

Somatics can help with ~

💗 Back Pain & Injury
💗 Shoulder & Neck Pain & Injury
💗 Sciatica
💗 Rotator Cuff Injuries
💗 Any kind of Muscular or Nerve Pain
💗 Calming the Nervous System
💗 Physical & Emotional Trauma Release
💗 Fatigue
💗 Insomnia
💗 Anxiety

And much more...

Somatics Empowers you to make positive change for your body (soma) and life so you can start living today

Much Love,